Automating Microsoft OfficeJS Word Add-in

Pre-requisite: Tools, versions, and dependencies

  • WinAppDriver,
  • Node.js 8.17.0,
  • npm 6.13.4,
  • Appium 1.15.1,
  • Download Visual Studio 2017 with workload “Desktop development with C++” and Windows SDK 10 using the Visual Studio installer. Do not forget to turn on the developer mode on your system.
  • Open command prompt in admin mode and go to the location of the project folder
  • Run command “npm install fsevent@2.1.3 -f”
  • Run command “npm install windows-build-tool@5.2.2”
  • Make sure you have all dependencies with the proper version number in the package.json file of the project.
  • Here are the required dependencies:
  • Run command “npm install” to install all dependencies.
  • A node module folder will be created after successfully running the npm install command, and the project’s folder structure will look like this:

Initiating driver



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