Compose to Kubernetes simplified with Kompose

Why Kompose?

  • It allows you to select multiple Docker Compose files at the same time.
  • The configuration gets merged due to multiple Docker-Compose files. Kompose aids to override the standard configurations by the subsequent file.
  • Kompose supports creating buildconfig for build directives in a service. By default, it makes use of the remote repo for the current git branch as the source repo and the current branch as the source branch for the build. It enables you to specify a different source repo and branch using build-repo and build-branch options, respectively.
  • The default transformations in Kompose generate Kubernetes deployments and services in YAML format. However, you’ll be having an alternative option to generate JSON with -j.
  • It allows to alternatively generate Helm charts, Daemon Sets, and Replication Controllers objects.

How to get started with Kompose?

  • Sample docker-compose file for WordPress application
  • Use kompose convert to create Kubernetes manifest file from the above docker-compose file.
  • It will create manifest files, as shown in the above image.
  • Use kubectl apply -f <file name> to do the deployment…read more.



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