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  • John Chapin

    John Chapin

    Co-founder of @symphoniacloud

  • Alan Williams

    Alan Williams

    Technology leader and builder. Let’s make something incredible together.

  • Matt Weagle

    Matt Weagle

    Author of http://gosparta.io.

  • Glynn Bird

    Glynn Bird

    Developer @ IBM. https://glynnbird.com

  • Marcia Villalba

    Marcia Villalba

    I am Marcia Villalba, a software engineer from Uruguay, living in Helsinki. I’ve been working over 10 years in the IT industry. I love traveling, cats and food.

  • balaji bal

    balaji bal

    Founder @ http://DISTRIBOOTED.com . Serial Entrepreneurial Engineer (GridMine/BalLab/SurfKitchen/FlauntR/Fotodesk/ScreenSpace/DeviceDriven)-Former Architect.

  • Alex Glikson

    Alex Glikson

    Cloud Expert

  • Julian Friedman

    Julian Friedman

    IBMer & PM of Cloud Foundry’s Container Engine “Garden” & “Eirini” CF/Kubernetes Integration project. Fan of PaaSes. (Words and thoughts his own, only his own)

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